A design fit for a king. This regal-style cover provides a traditional and elegant pop sure to make any space look expensive and refined. Perfect for cottages, french country and shabby chic styles.

Stellar Air decorative air intake covers are Magnetic and are made to replace the unattractive exhaust fan covers in your living space. Our unique designs will enhance the room by adding wall art to your hall, living room, ceiling or any space of your house. We transform eyesore air filter covers into beautiful wall decor.
Our unique “snap in“ magnetic design means our vent covers can be easily installed without any drilling or headaches. You just have to remove your old ugly metal grill and snap in our Stellar Air vents.

We go by the filter size behind the grill or the duct opening, please measure correctly and do not measure your existing cover.

We have 3 different layouts:

Inside: The inside layout will sit inside the metal frame box, meaning the entire metal lip of the vent is exposed. We recommend this for ceiling installations, but it also looks simple and elegant for wall covers.

Wraparound: The wraparound looks just like a piece of art on your wall, covering the metal frame box completely. With a wooden frame, this layout goes around over 1/4 inch of the metal frame. Please ensure you have the necessary space around your vent for this layout. Requirement 2 “Free space around duct opening is needed in order to fit the Wraparound “.

Flush: If you don’t have a lot of space around the metal frame (maybe because you have molding around or a trim door is right next to it) and you still like the look of having a wooden frame, the flush will fit just perfect! You will see the sides of the metal box exposed but at eye level, you will see the wooden add-on.

Note: All designs are vertical as shown in the pictures, if you would like your grille to be horizontal please specify it in the Notes section.

Shipping & Delivery: Two-week turnaround from your order day to shipping day. If you need your order to be expedited, please contact us. There will be additional charges for rush orders. Read about our Return Policy.  Since our products are made to order (custom orders) WE DONOT TAKE ANY RETURNS OR EXCHANGE UNLESS IT HAS BEEN DAMAGE WHILE SHIPPING OR HAVING MANUFACTURER ISSUES .

-No Assembly Required*
-Snap-in Magnet Technology
-Made to Order in Several Shapes and Sizes
-Quality Natural Wood

* In some cases, depending where the return air is located, minor work may be required, especially if there is a stud behind the wall, or a wall or trim near by. Please contact us and send us a picture directly if this is your case. We will be happy to guide you.

For reference on installation see video https://stellarairdecorativeventcovers.com/installation/
Installation is a ‘snap’!
1. Remove your current air intake cover.
2. Take your new Stellar Air intake cover and line it up over air intake box
3. Snap-in magnets will attach themselves to your air intake box. You’re finished!

Unsure if your current intake box will work with our covers? A metal box is INCLUDED with your order, in the case that you need to replace your existing box. We are not responsible if your existing metal air box is damaged, bent, or broken, preventing our covers from being properly installed.

Stellar Air covers are made with quality natural wood and are unstained and unfinished so customers can paint any color or stain it, if you would like us to white prime base for you, that way is ready for you to apply color paint, you can select this option in the dropdown menu.

All covers need to be ordered by the FILTER SIZE! Do NOT measure your existing cover. If you are unsure about which size to purchase, please send us a message!
If your size is not listed please contact us and we can customize it for you!

Imperial – Grille Cover

Professionally Crafted Air Vent


Estimated Shipping date Jun 3, 2024

Need help selecting a Layout? Watch the video.

Don’t see your size?  We can help you order a custom size.

Product Details


Please refer to your air manufacturer’s information on the tag located with your unit for the specifications to be compatible with the Product Details of your selected Stellar Air design.

* Please note that all Stellar Air covers are made with quality natural wood and are unstained and unfinished. If you are interested in getting your vent white primer base ( this is for customers that would like to add color paint later), you can select white primer base option from the drop down menu. Stain option is not available.


2.5 ton: 966 CFM (1.7% airflow drop)
0.007 I.W.C. pressure drop (0.0343 total) 321 FPM

3 ton 1188 CFM (0.8% airflow drop)
0.0096 I.W.C. pressure drop (0.0498 total) 407 FPM

​4 ton 1588 CFM (1.1% airflow drop)
0.0132 I.W.C. pressure drop (0.0896 total)
513 FPM(2.6% over recommended velocity)
AVG: 1.2% airflow drop

5 reviews for Imperial - Grille Cover

  1. Hannah B

    This is an amazing vent cover! Extremely well made and makes such a difference in my home. Great commuication/customer service as well. Highly recommend.

    website review
  2. Sarah

    Worked great for us! I was originally planning to paint so didn’t order stain grade, but changed my mind and stained anyway. It still looks good! Not-So-Pro tip, don’t be like us and remember to read all the directions before you install

    Etsy review
    Image #1 from Sarah
  3. Sherri

    I wanted something that was decorative to replace my cheap metal return. This was exactly what I wanted. I didn’t have to use the replacement frame that was sent. Panel fit exactly into my existing opening. Very pleased with purchase.

    Etsy review
    Image #1 from Sherri
  4. Amy

    Very beautiful! I painted using the wall paint, which was a little time-consuming with a brush, so I wonder if doing a light layer of spray paint from the beginning would make it easier to get into the nooks and crannies. But that was more of a main problem in figuring out how to best paint it easy to install in great directions.

    Etsy review
    Image #1 from Amy
  5. grorganic

    Looks great. Had to ask seller questions about dimensions, seller is VERY responsive. Even with the convo, I did have to modify my baseboards for it to fit, but that was my issue, not the issue of the product. Easy to install metal frame and then easy magnet grate cover. Looks fantastic.

    Etsy review
    Image #1 from grorganic
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