Installation of Stellar Decorative Air Vent Covers and Grilles

1. Open the filter grille door and remove it. Unhook the latches holding the grille door in place and slide the grille door out at a very slight angle.

2. Once the door is removed, attach your new Stellar Air Decorative Vent Cover by aligning the cover with the box frame.

    • If you have an inside layout, the vent cover will fit inside the framework of the box, leaving the outer rim exposed.
    • If you have a flush layout, your cover will sit flush with existing box framework, leaving the outer edge exposed along the side
    • If you have a wrap-around layout, the cover will fit over the top of the existing box framework leaving nothing visible.

Note: If the screws holding your existing box in place are on the face of the box, you will need to move them to the pre-drilled holes on the interior of the box to ensure the Stellar Air Decorative Vent Cover attaches properly.

3. Place the cover onto the existing box. The magnet will securely attach the vent cover to the box.

Preparation – Priming & Painting

    • All Stellar Air Decorative Vent Covers are made of unstained, unpainted natural wood. If you wish to paint or stain your cover, you should do so before installing the cover.
    • Always handle with two hands near or at the perimeter of the grille.
    • Ensure that the return air opening is sized properly before installing. For information about measuring, pleasse visit 
    • Ensure that the screws or nails meet the framing or stud behind the drywall.
    • Do not force the wooden grille into the metal frame or the return air opening.

Troubleshooting Guide

Grille does not lock securely in metal frame.

Stellar Air Decorative Vent Covers are installed easily using magnets. If your current vent is wood, aluminum, stainless steel, or another non-magenetic surface, you will need to use a Stellar Air Retro-Fit Kit.

There is a gap between my cover and the frame.

Your existing box/opening may not be a standard size. Please visit our website for more information about measuring your current duct opening to ensure proper fitting.

My existing metal box is bent.

In order to ensure that your Stellar Air Decorative Vent Covers fit, you should replace your existing box. You can order a box with your vent cover to ensure proper fit.

How do I replace the filter?

To replace a filter, simply remove the grille by following Steps 1-3 above in the Preparation section. Follow the same steps to remove the filter. Reverse the process to insert a new filter (remember TGIF! – Top Goes In First!) and re-install the vent cover.

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