About Us

Stellar Air Decorative Vent Covers is a subdivision of Stellar Engraving, founded in 2016 by Esthela and Samy Cuzmar as an extension to its parent company, Vencor Inc. Stellar Air specializes in manufacturing vent and register covers using laser etching machines and CNC routers for the commercial industry as well as homeowners. Stellar Air Decorative Vent Covers and Air Intake Grilles are made to replace the unattractive exhaust fan covers in any living space. With a unique touch of design it will enhance the room by adding a piece of art to hallways, living rooms or any space of a home or office.

Stellar Air designs and manufactures decorative air vent covers for intake returns and registers to replace the unattractive metal grilles that come standard with central air systems. Our decorative vent covers are magnetically attached allowing for filter change to be done in seconds. There is no special installation required. Our vents are lab tested for air flow quality and velocity and meet industry certification standards. With 3 frame styles to choose from and 11 different designs you can choose the look that suits you best and renovate the look of a room in just minutes. Our air vents are made of natural birch wood. A filter size is all that is required to find the perfect cover for and fit. We offer custom sizes as well.

Samy and Esthela have dedicated themselves to bringing unique and inspired designs into your life and our products are proudly made in the USA!

Welcome to Stellar Air
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