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All you need is the size of your intake air grille filter and then choose the design that best fits your style. Modern or traditional, we have got you covered. You will be amazed at how decorative wall vent covers will enhance your space.

Slide the arrow across the photo below to see how the Stellar Air Decorative Grille and Vent Covers can transform a room!

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Stellar Air Returns | Grilles

Choose a design below and begin to dramatically improve the appearance of a hallway and/or a ceiling; typically, located in the central area of a home. Our grille covers are made of natural wood and can be stained, painted, or used as-is.

Stellar Wall & Ceiling Ventilators | Registers

These devices allow air to flow freely without a louvre or damping mechanism. Click on a design and begin to improve the appearance of your walls and ceilings throughout your home.

Guaranteed Performance

All our vent covers are quality tested for maximum airflow performance to keep you cool all day and night. It is our guarantee that the performance of our vent covers will exceed your expectations and more.

No assembly required. We use magnet technology so once your old vent is removed, ours will simply snap right into place.

Custom Designs to Set Your New Homes Apart

We work directly with architects, designers and home builders to help create designs and products that set your homes apart. Our engineering expertise and testing process ensures that air flow is never compromised and in many cases is even improved. Contact us today and discover how we can help with your next project.

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