Turn eyesore
air vent covers
into works of art!

Turn eyesore
air vent covers
into works of art!

Beautiful and high-quality air vent covers. Wonderful for any room. You can make your space unique. Highly recommend.
Iam H.
Huge time saver for changing our filters. The magnets allow me to grab the vent cover from the bottom and easily pop it out….this is huge, because with our old vent cover it had attachments at the top which were just out of my reach, so I would have to move the couch and get the ladder to replace the filter every single time. Now with this Stellar cover I can hop on the couch and grab the cover from the bottom, which easily comes off because of the magnets, easily pop in a new filter and put the cover back on. Its incredible.
Russell W.
Great company that produces high quality air vents that look great! Products are functional and they offer a wide selection. Customer service was helpful and knowledgable. Would recommend to anyone!
Hannah V.
Stellar Floral Vent Cover

Our vent covers are or more than just Works of Art, each vent cover is made to order right here in the USA. Stellar Air Decorative Vent Covers are made of natural birch wood, and we craft your design with the personal touch and attention to detail that only a small family-owned business can do. Based in Charleston, SC, you can call and speak directly to the owners for any needs you may have.

You’re part of our family, too.
Magnetic System Snaps in Place

Stellar Air Decorative Vent Covers are easy to install and just as easy to maintain. Our unique magnetic installation system creates a beautiful design that is free of unsightly screws, clips or levers. Stellar Air vent covers snap into place in seconds and can be removed just as easily, making installation quick, easy and drill-free.

Led by a husband and wife team with a background in engineering, Stellar Air is the only vent cover manufacturer to offer lab-tested flow rate specs that protect the HVAC unit and control air quality. With these Works of Art in your home, you won’t have to worry about burning out your system or negatively impacting air quality in your home.

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