Hardwood Floors Magnetic Registers

Recommended for new construction. The installation is done while the floor is being installed.

Our drop in wood floor vents are super easy to install and enhance the look of any room or space.

These registers will not only last a lifetime, but are sure to enhance and spruce up the look of any room or space. 

This product includes 2 pieces. A support box is installed between the hardwood floors around the duct opening, and the decorative vent that “drops in” in the support box with magnets locking it safely. This allows you to change the vent for other designs if you would like something different in the future, perhaps when updating home décor. 

A stunning & simple way to update your space
Use our wood flush register covers to help transform a room’s appearance with minimal effort. Although they are designed for new floor installations, they can be retrofitted by an experienced craftsman.

  • They are ¾” thick and designed to sit flush on these sized hardwood floors. But we do accept custom-made orders to your specified thickness. 
  • The register comes integrated with a box unit that makes installation easy.

The installation is done while the floor is being installed.

Designed to sit flush to ¾” thick hardwood floors. We can also custom make a drop in floor vent based on your specific thickness.

A wooden box is built into the floor around the duct opening during installation. Then the vent is dropped in place and held in by magnets, making it easy to remove when needed.
It’s a very simple process that avoids having to router or cut your flooring after it has been installed. The flush registers give you a seamless and invisible look between the floor and the register.
Upscaling your floor with a high-quality craftsman’s work not only
increases the elegance but also the value of your home. With a ¼” thick
solid oak wood, we are making it easier to resurface the floors in the future.
You don’t have to remove vents or buy new ones.

The advantage of this Stellar Air Wood Flush Register is that they can be stained at the same time as the floor, and you can also replace the decorative vent for any other design we have available if you decide to change the home décor! These registers will not only last a lifetime when properly maintained, but are sure to enhance and spruce up the look of any room or space. If another size is needed, please contact us at: info@stellarairvents.com to work on your project.