Tips you need before you put the “for sale” sign in your yard, learn how you can impress buyers in easy and affordable ways.

Even though you may be ready to find a new place to call your own, taking the time to make your house feel brand new is well worth it. In just a few unexpected ways, you can make sure your home makes the ideal first impression before listing it.

As you’re packing up boxes, pay attention to the smaller details in and around your home. Details are often what distinguish homes we like from homes we love. So shine a spotlight on the nooks, crannies, and hardware found in your house. With our quick list of upgrades, you can make the ordinary look like a high-quality feature that will wow whoever steps through the front door.

Four Tips :

Add stand-out accent pieces that are functional, too.
Stellar Air Decorative Vent Covers are one of the easiest ways to add charming details to a home. Air vents are typically an eyesore, but Stellar Air’s designs provide an opportunity to create a cohesive, aesthetically appealing space. With many different styles, you can choose to emphasize a home’s classic history or it’s modern upgrades. Pair your beach home with our Waves design or use our Leaves pattern to make your modern farmhouse feel extra cozy. It’s something unique that sets you apart from your neighborhood competition. And whether you add the Cubes pattern near an industrial kitchen or the Oriental zen cover to your sunroom, Stellar Air offers another key benefit.

Our decorative air vent covers are lab-tested to ensure maximum airflow which puts less pressure on the HVAC system. We test airflow, static pressure drop, and more to make sure our designs never interfere with performance. Stellar Air’s magnetic installation technology allows the vent cover to quickly and easily snap in place, making it a simple process to bring in a breath of fresh air and create a new stand-out feature for the home.

Switch out the door hinges for craftsman-style touches.
There are some things you pass by in your home without thinking twice, and door hinges are probably high on that list. But it’s the little things that tend to make someone feel most at home. Splurge on decorative stainless-steel hinges to give your home that unique character everyone’s always looking for. It’ll help eliminate squeaks and creaks and make your home feel well-crafted and move-in ready.

Fake a kitchen remodel.
New appliances, new countertops, updated cabinets, and remodeled kitchen islands are always huge selling points. But they come with huge price tags and long timelines. Take a different approach to the kitchen remodel by adding some quick fixes. Replace your kitchen cabinet hardware with stainless handles and add a new wood stain or coat of paint on the cabinet doors. These quick fixes elevate the look of your kitchen without the cost burden. Even if a potential buyer wants a full remodel, the pictures in your listing will offer a preview of the space’s potential.

Upgrade your curb appeal.
A home may offer the perfect layout with just the right number of windows, but dated siding, awkward porch overhangs, or dingy garage doors can deter someone from looking further. Landscaping is often thought of as the primary way to change up your curb appeal. Instead of getting down in the dirt, encourage buyers take a second look by adding fine details to your garage door or porch. Paint the garage doors a clean neutral color and consider adding additional details like faux hinges and ring pulls for a unique look. And if you have a stoop or a porch, decorate it instead of leaving it bare. Personal touches like potted flowers, garlands, or simple battery-powered string lights will make anyone feel like they’ve found their new address.

Adding simple features that look hard-to-find make your home feel well-loved and cared for — which helps young families feel the same when they walk in! A small investment in your staging or listing budget can make all the difference. These tips will help your home stand out from other inventory on the market when you are ready to list.

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