It’s easier than you might think to give a staircase makeover.

In movies and family photos, staircases take the center stage. It’s the spot where you can get the entire family to line up and snap the perfect photo. It’s the place where the kids come down on prom night with their sweeping dresses and nice tuxedo’s. While a lot of people say the kitchen is the heart of the home, your staircase and entryway are the heart of many memories (and photos).

Old carpet runners, mismatched spindles or large, and unsightly air return covers can all distract from your grand entryway. Yet you don’t need to spend money on a full renovation and demolition project.

Here are some simple solutions to a staircase makeover to create the grand staircase and entryway of your dreams:

Replace Your Air Return Cover

We’ve worked in plenty of homes in which the air return cover is centered right on the wall supporting the staircase. It’s a popular spot as underneath the steps leaves plenty of space for HVAC lines. But this also means that a simple paint job won’t give you the updated look you want. Use a decorative air vent cover for your staircase makeover to add your own personal style to your entryway and hide the old vent.


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Redecorate the Side of the Stairs

Defining the edges of your staircase by changing the color of your railing or spindles can transform your staircase without having to do something major like removing carpeted steps. The side of your staircase is likely what you look at the most, so freshening it up can be a huge help in your staircase makeover. And adding some decorative pattern work to the side wall can add some historic charm.

One of the things we’ve done with many of our customers is let the air return cover take over the entire staircase. With our custom sizing, we’re able to create entire panels that seamlessly blend with the updated return cover. And we can add a bespoke design to your home.

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Many of the historic homes we’ve worked on have utilized this approach when renovating. It’s a way they’re able to keep that same classic charm that’s necessary to preserve while also making modern changes for the better of the home. 

Change Up the Steps

Painting wooden steps isn’t as easy as it sounds. After all, you still need to use your upstairs and let the paint dry! Instead of focusing on a new wood stain or prepping it for a white finish, focus on different ways you can do your staircase makeover without having to wait.

Using vinyl cut out patterns is an easy way to do a staircase makeover without lots of work. You can replace the vinyl as your style changes over time and there’s many different patterns to choose from. Another option is to stencil a pattern onto your steps. You can create intricate patterns that mimic tile, create the illusion of a bookcase or a gradient.

If you’re dealing with carpeted steps, add a new runner to cover the years of wear and tear on your steps. It’s an inexpensive way to replace the dated carpet of your stairs with something more detailed. Sometimes covering the stains is all you need to feel better about your entryway and complete your staircase makeover!

Check out our partner’s blog to see more staircase makeover tips and how she utilized Stellar Air to make a statement in her entryway.

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