Get inspired! Stellar Air Decorative Vent Covers and Grilles can add the missing touch to the most overlooked item in a room. The return air grille! Why try to hide it when you can accent it. We have many options to choose from and if we don’t have it, we can custom make one.

  • Designs that fit your customer’s style and flow with the room.
  • Stay up to date with fresh ideas and designs.
  • We can provide recommendations on design, color, material, and finishes.
  • Can incorporate the panel work to hide it completely.
  • Download the STEP files to import into your design software to have an idea of changes it can make to your room.

We would love to meet with you to talk about the possibilities in design, the details, and the features our products have. We can even provide the lunch!

Did you go through all the trouble of designing the perfect home or building only to install an ugly standard air intake grille and ventilation register? If you are worried about the technical data, don’t be. We test all our designs and provide the data for each in downloadable documents including air flow and static pressure drop.

Below you will find links to 3D renderings of some of our grilles so you can incorporate them in your design programs, allowing you to visualize the difference and show your customer the possibilities. For more information on our testing process, click here.


3D Renderings (Link will redirect you to Dropbox to download the files) – More files coming soon!