Our Oriental intake cover offers a clean and linear design for the minimalist in you. As they say, sometimes less is more.

Note: Only the 4×10 dimension comes with plastic louvers, the rest is just the wood covers with no louvers included.

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Professionally Crafted Air Vent



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Product Details


Please refer to your air manufacturer’s information on the tag located with your unit for the specifications to be compatible with the Product Details of your selected Stellar Air design.

* Please note that all Stellar Air covers are made with quality natural wood and are unstained and unfinished. If you are interested in a stained finish, please let us know in the Comments box below. There is an additional fee for stained finishes- we will contact you with further details regarding this.


2 ton 755 CFM (5% airflow drop)
0.0348 I.W.C. pressure drop
377 FPM (151% of recommended)

3 ton 1110 CFM (8% airflow drop)
​0.0796 I.W.C. pressure drop
553 FPM (221% of recommended)

​4 ton 1479 CFM (8% airflow drop)
0.1297 I.W.C. pressure drop
740 FPM (296% of recommended)

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