Designed mostly for new floor installations. The installation will be done while the floor is being laid out. They can also be retrofitted by an experienced craftsman.
This product includes 2 pieces. A support wood box unit is installed between the hardwood floors around the duct opening, and the decorative metal vent that “drops in” in the support box with magnets locking it safely. This allows you to change the vent for other designs if you would like something different in the future, perhaps when updating home décor.
The register comes integrated with a box unit that makes installation easy. The box unit its ideal for ¾” thick hardwood floors but it can be custom to the thickness you need. It can be nailed in place on top of the duct opening and the wood floor installation cut around the box. The decorative metal vent is held in the box unit by magnets, making it easily removable from the box when needed. The box unit can also be stained at the same time as the floor to make it a seamless, invincible look.
These Metal flush registers are recommended for new construction while installing the hardwood floors. With a wooden box build in the floor round the duct opening, this can be easily glued and… the metal vent will drop in place.
The Flush registers will give you a seamless and invisible look between the floor and the register. With a 1/16” metal thickness in black and a defined detailed cut, these registers will enhance the look and will last you a life time!. These registers do not come with Dampers or louvers to direct air flow. 
We currently offer these registers in 4 different sizes. If another size is needed, please contact us at and we will work on your project.

Leaves – Magnetic Metal Registers

Professionally Crafted Air Vent


Estimated Shipping date Jul 31, 2024

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Product Details

-For 3/4" thick hardware floor. Contact us for different hardware floor thickness.
-Comes with a unit box and the metal magnetic decorative vent.
-No dampers included.


Please refer to your air manufacturer’s information on the tag located with your unit for the specifications to be compatible with the Product Details of your selected Stellar Air design.

*Please note that these Stellar Air Metal flush registers are made with quality Oak wood and are unstained and unfinished. 

How to Measure

Our craftsmen will fabricate a ventilator to fit your supply duct opening.

  1. Remove the old register or grille from the floor, to expose the actual duct opening.
  2. Measure the inside dimensions of the duct opening.
  3. The width will always be listed first, followed by the length.


2 ton 781 CFM (2% airflow drop)
0.0201 I.W.C. pressure drop
464 FPM (186% of recommended)

3 ton 1152 CFM (4% airflow drop)
0.0329 I.W.C. pressure drop
602 FPM (241% of recommended)

4 ton 1552 CFM (3% airflow drop)
0.0632 I.W.C. pressure drop
746 FPM (298% of recommended)


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