Create a space that you and your child will adore, down to every detail, with these simple, quick
and easy upgrades.

Every nursery needs the basics: a crib, changing table and rocker or glider. Beyond these core
functional items, the room is your canvas to create a beautiful space that reflects your design
style and welcomes your baby home to a peaceful and playful oasis. The beauty is in the
details, so we’ve created quick design tips for the nursery that will create the perfect space for
early bonding and family memories.


Replace the vent cover with a decorative one.

We can all agree that standard air vent covers are a real eyesore in a room. Stellar Air
decorative covers are the upgrade you need to transform these unappealing, unattractive
covers into pieces of art. They become an accent piece instead of something you try to avoid
looking at! Why not extend this into the kid’s room?

Nicole from @fancyfixdecor relied on a Stellar Air decorative vent cover to easily and quickly
enhance the interior design of her daughter’s nursery. If there’s one takeaway from her
makeover, it’s that little details can make a big impact!

For an organic and natural look, we recommend the Leaf, Sunburst, and Waves designs. For
the girly girl, the Floral design will be a great addition to her pink-themed room. For the future
builders and architects, we recommend the Cubes and Oriental designs. As your child grows,
they’ll love the easy-to-follow, fun patterns. You also can’t go wrong with the Arabic or 3D
Circular patterns for any baby or kid’s room. Our designs are highly customizable, not only in
size. Both stainable and paintable, any design can become unique to your home.
Functionality is at the top of our priorities, too. Our vent covers offer improved airflow quality, so
you’re not only upgrading the design of your child’s room, but you’re ensuring high air quality.
Our open design allows air to travel directly to the filter for air returns and does not impede
airflow for registers. Dust and debris stay in the filter and do not stick on the vent, keeping the
room dust-free and full of optimized clean air.

They’re also easy to install. Watch Nicole quickly replace her old vent cover with our Leaf
Design cover. As she says, it takes five minutes! Watch Here. While you may need a tool to remove your
current vent cover, ours is a breeze to install and take off when it’s time to change your filter.


Add a few accent pillows.

When it comes to furniture in a nursery, simple and reliable is best. When it comes to the
details, there’s an opportunity for a lot of fun. Accent pillows for the glider or crib (for older
babies and toddlers) are great ways to explore a theme in the nursery and add a pop of color or
texture – or both!

For a nature-inspired design, opt for a plant or botanical pattern. For a jungle theme, go with an
ultra-soft animal pillow. The great thing about the details in a room is that you can easily mix
and match for a cohesive or eclectic feel. Consider matching the pillows to the decorative vent
cover or bringing in different design elements in each decorative piece for a unique blend.


Play around with wall art.

Similar to furniture, sometimes it’s best to go with neutral walls in the nursery – wallpapers can
be expensive and difficult to remove when desired. Instead, create a wall gallery filled with
family photos, cute animals, intriguing patterns, and more. Creating a gallery is easy and highly
customizable. Just as quickly as you hung a picture, you can take it down and replace it with
another one. You can also find easy-to-remove wall decals for the aesthetic of wallpaper without
the permanence or price tag.

Welcoming a new member of the family is such a special time of life. Embrace your nesting
instincts and create the perfect room for your little one with thoughtful, quick and easy design
elements like Stellar Air decorative vent covers.

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