Vent Covers with Style

From curtains to countertops, the pieces you buy for your home are a reflection of your personal style. Are you more of a minimalist or traditionalist? Do you prefer industrial design or bohemian touches?

Standard air vent covers and air intake covers can distract from your home’s thoughtful interior design. At Stellar Air, we love to help transform these eyesores into pieces of wall art. Once you decide to replace your vent cover, how will you choose which style matches your personal taste?

We’ve created the guide below to help you shop our various design options based on your home’s décor and your personal style.

Minimalist and Modern

  • Industrial
    With a sleek and even pattern, our industrial styled cover gives your room a streamlined look. The ultra-clean lines work perfectly for a minimalist’s style and fresh taste.
  • Cubes
    Different shapes, displayed symmetrically together, form an endless pattern of cubes to complement your modern style. With a dark stain of your choice, this style will help blend any mix of metal, glass, and steel materials you may use in your furnishings.

Rustic Farmhouse

  • Leaves
    Bringing a touch of the outside in, our intricate Leaves pattern pairs perfectly with bouquets of fresh flowers, dark wood tables, and vintage-farmhouse accent items.
  • Floral
    Create a cozy atmosphere with our delicately arranged floral pattern. Much like flowers can add a fresh and welcoming touch, our cover helps you create a pleasant and airy room.


  • Sunburst
    Centered within multiple symmetrical triangles, you’ll find a burst of energy that modernizes your typical carefree bohemian style.
  • Arabic
    Inspired by the curved arches and details in Arabic architecture, our handcrafted vent adds a touch of calm to any room with its sweeping loops. This design pairs well with a room inspired by global textiles.


  • Moroccan
    While inspired by the traditional mosaic styles of Moroccan design, the straight lines mixed with curved arches work well with a style known for its unique layers.
  • Oriental
    Emphasizing balance among clean, sleek lines, this style vent cover highlights the more minimal side of Zen interior.

Art Deco

  • 3D Circular
    Art Deco styled homes are known for the glamour and pop, so a vent cover with that classic yet modern touch is key. Our vent cover creates a faux-3D feel that will make guests stop for a second look.
  • Gemstone
    This gemstone inspired vent cover utilizes a blend of shapes to create a regal pattern with a timeless style.

Custom Design

  • Not seeing your perfect fit on this list? We can design a custom cover that complements your home just the way you imagine. Talk to us about your style and we’ll work with you to create a piece of art for your home!


If you would like to discuss Stellar Air Decorative Vent and Grille Covers or want to have a custom-designed Grille or Ventilator cover made for your home or office, please do not hesitate to call us at 842-795-6680 or you can email us at

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