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Nothing can ruin the look of a beautiful room more than an ugly vent cover standing out as the only eye sore in the room. No matter how you rearrange the furniture it is impossible to hide an ugly Return Cover until now.

Stellar Air Vent Decorative Vent Covers will transform the look of any room in minutes. Our vent covers make airflow an art form. More than just a decorative touch, they improve the air quality of the home with an open design that allows air to travel directly to the filter. Our designs are made of birch wood and can be painted or stained. We offer an acrylic version for moisture prone areas as well as a metal version for heavy traffic areas. Each design is lab-tested for air flow and certified to industry standards.

If you are looking for a quick fix DIY project, our air vents are easy to install and just as easy to maintain. Our intake covers are magnetically attached to a metal box frame that sits inside the opening of the wall or the ceiling. It allows you to transform a room in minutes. To clean, just use a dry brush or cloth. Renovate the look of your room or home in the time it takes to hang a picture with our snap in magnetic technology.

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