Just like turning a light off in an unused room, closing an air vent is one of the ways many people try to save money and energy. It just seems like common sense. After all, why should an empty room be air conditioned?

Well, the truth is, that empty room needs to get air flow because closing the vents is doing more harm than good. Keep reading to see how we break down this common misconception and share why letting your air vent flow freely is better for your home.

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Your air vents don’t talk to your HVAC system. No matter how you adjust the cover to increase or decrease the air flow into a room, you’re getting the same amount of air and the same amount of pressure. When your air vents are closed, that air is still pushing to get through and into that room, but it doesn’t have anywhere to go, so instead it builds up pressure and is pushed elsewhere.

Depending on the blower system you use, you’ll either end up with a higher electricity bill or a high-dollar repair bill:

Permanent split capacity (PSC) blowers can’t overcome extra pressure from closed vents. It will keep spinning and trying to work, but as more pressure builds, less air flow is circulated through your home. Low airflow means your air conditioner’s evaporator coil is going to get too cold and it may even freeze over. If this happens too much, you risk your outdoor unit’s compressor giving up completely… and having to buy a new one to replace it.

Electronically commutated motor (ESC) blowers, however, adjust speed based on different conditions. So unlike the PSC, it can overcome extra pressure from closed vents. While you have a lower risk of damaging your compressor and evaporator coils, your ESC is going to work harder to adjust the pressure –– meaning it’s going to ramp up on energy to get its job done. Keep in mind that leaky air ducts are quite common in homes. As pressure increases, air will push through the leaks, meaning less air is working harder to go where it doesn’t belong.

Both systems run the added risk of increasing condensation, which in turn, increases the likeliness of mold and mildew building up in your ducts. No matter your blower system, closing your air vents causes problems that hurt your wallet more than help your home.

So what should you do instead?

Rather than trying to redirect air, one solution is to program your thermostat to turn on during certain times of day. Rather than running constantly and running up bills, you’ll use your AC system more efficiently and keep your airflow going safely.

Balance is key for lower energy bills, a healthier HVAC system and more efficient airflow. Closing vents contributes to many issues with your HVAC system –– but vents themselves can also be an issue with your airflow. Older vents are dusty, ugly, and may not be tested to ensure maximum airflow. If your vents aren’t allowing all of the air to get through, even if they’re open, you’re likely to run into similar issues as keeping them closed.

Make a simple switch by using Stellar Air’s vent covers that are lab-tested for maximum airflow and handcrafted here in the USA. Our grilles and ventilator covers are quality tested to improve your airflow and look stylish in your space. We measure velocity and flow to ensure air from your ducts is evenly distributed through the vents no matter the intricacies of our patterned designs. All of our covers offer a higher, and better, FPM than traditional options. Made with quality natural wood that’s resistant to mold and mildew, Stellar vent covers are functional and beautiful. Visit our collection pages to grab the product details and data on each of covers.

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