If your Pinterest board is starting to look far different than your home, you don’t need to start budgeting your savings (and your time) for a major renovation. You can make a big difference with simple fixes that are easy on your wallet, quick to accomplish and won’t displace you from your home. With these quick ideas to renovate your home, you can create the home of your dreams without the hassle.

Switch out your vent cover for something more stylish.
The standard, tired, dusty old vent cover can disrupt your interior style. It’s time to get rid of that ugly eyesore in your hallway, ceiling, walls, or even in your grand entryways. Whether you want to refresh your air intake cover / air return (where you change out your air filter) or air ventilators / registers (where the air flows out), vent covers can be used all across your home. Switching them out with something that has more detail and matches your decor is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a dramatic change. Our covers are easy to install and come with just about everything you need to make the switch.

Upgrade the hardware in your home.
You don’t need to order brand new cabinets to get a fresh look. Doing something simple like adding or updating the handles on your drawers and cabinets can give them an entirely new shape. See where else you can add tiny details that add a bit more character. Framing lightswitches or adding playful doorknobs can add more personality to your home. You’d be surprised how such a small change can completely redesign a room’s look, like changing your kitchen hardware from brushed nickel to brass!

Change your lighting.
Don’t worry about calling over an electrician. There are lots of ways you can adjust the lighting in your home as a DIY project to make a serious difference. Where you add or replace light fixtures can create more contrast, brighten dark corners or make a space feel cozy rather than cluttered. Consider adding LED light strips under your cabinets or on top of bookshelves. Backlights behind your TV or computer monitor can even reduce eye strain and make your screens seem richer in color. Smart light bulbs let you switch the tone and brightness of your lights right from your phone.

Start organizing and decorating by color.
Renovating your home is all about changing the way it looks, but instead of working with a hardhat, you can work with color palettes. Color coordinate your bookshelves and swap out mismatched cups and mugs so things look more cohesive. Create an accent wall focused on one color and move your artwork and photos accordingly. Switch out your throw pillows to add contrast and patterns. Your home will feel different when things have a look that flows together.

Use shelving, dividers, or furniture to redo your home layout.
Even a functional flow problem like an awkward sized dining room or long living room can be tackled with a switch in perspective. Consider the paths people take throughout your home, what’s easiest for you and what gets in the way. Rearrange your furniture in a way that will make those paths more evident. Get creative with faux half walls by using tall chests, tables, or the back of your couch for more clearly defined spaces. A clear line of sight can make rooms flow together far more easily.

One of the biggest hurdles to home makeovers is time. Instead of an intimidatingly labor-intensive project, focus on quick fixes that can make a lasting impact. You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish in an afternoon, or in the case of our vent covers, just 5 minutes!

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