Sweep in a new season with these fast fall fixes for your home. With details on the tasks you should tackle this fall, you’ll know just what to do to welcome in a wonderful autumn.

  1. Swap out your air vent covers or grilles with a fashionable fall themed cover.
    While you routinely clean out your air filters, have you thought about swapping out your dusty old vent cover? Get rid of the grilles or return covers that are getting in the way of your signature style. Our popular Leaves design adds classic Charleston charm to any room. The delicate details of our laser-cut natural wood covers helps bring in the sweet feeling of fall throughout your home decor.
  2. Seal off drafts as you get ready for the fall season.
    The days of leaving the windows open and grabbing extra fans to cool down are almost over. While you prepare for the scent of pumpkin spice lattes and ready all your cozy fall sweaters, take some time to find the drafty spots by your windows and doors. Add some weather stripping to help create a better seal so your fall electric bill doesn’t come as a surprise this time around. If you have ceiling fans, look for the switch on the side of the fan’s unit and flip your fans so they turn in a clockwise direction. This will move warm air from the ceiling down to the floor.
  3. Give your exterior and interior lights a little love.
    As we fall back and Daylight Saving Time ends, you’ll see a little less sunlight. Make up the difference by adding exterior lighting. Line your walkways and garden paths with warm-glow all weather lights or hang up string lights for a cozy fall feel. And don’t forget about your interior lights, too. Replace old light bulbs or swap out the bright cold white bulbs for ones with a warmer fall glow.
  4. Update the entryway.
    Get ready for muddy boots and rain jackets instead of flip flops and tennis shoes being tossed off right when the kids come through the door. Now’s a good time to add an entryway rug that can handle some damage. Find a rubber or PVC backed rug that’s easy to wipe down. Your floors and your chores list will appreciate it.
  5. Add autumn accents and decorate!
    With the cleaning and organizing out of the way, get to the fun part of fall fixups –– the decorating part! Create a bowl of decorative gourds, pumpkins and acorns for a fall harvest feel. Add a seasonal fall wreath on your door to welcome your family and friends. Now’s the time to have fun with seasonal pillow covers, stylized centerpieces for your dining table, and more!


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